Why choose solid soap?

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My son at the age of 11 started suffering from atopic dermatitis. After allergy tests showing no allergy, and the use of pharmaceutical products (cortisone and special cleansing gels), the dermatitis kept coming back regularly. No one could tell me what exactly was causing it... After 2 years, I started to wonder if the classic shower gel from the supermarket that we used to wash ourselves was not responsible for it... So I decided to get rid of them and start making my own natural superfatted soaps in SAF (cold saponification). Since that day my son has not suffered from dermatitis and the itching has disappeared...

Choosing a natural soap made with vegetable oils and butters has several advantages. The first is that it contains no products from the petrochemical industry (no parabens, EDTA, preservatives, SLS, etc.). It washes the skin delicately without attacking it, because it is surgras, that is to say that a part of oils is not saponified and that the properties of these last ones will represent a benefit for all the skins! The skin will be nourished, softer and less dry... Not bad eh? 

Another of its assets is the fact that during the saponification process, glycerin will be produced naturally, and everyone knows that glycerin is a very hydrating product for the skin! In addition, the unsaponifiable matter present in these soaps will deposit their benefits on your skin. Unfortunately, in the classic industrial washing products, we often find chemical products, which can be allergenic, and have no benefit for the skin. On the contrary, they dry it out and are often poorly tolerated by the skin.

Moreover, unlike industrial products, natural solid or liquid soaps, made according to ancestral methods of saponification, are biodegradable and therefore pose no danger to the environment and human health.

Among other things, let's not forget that cold process soaps are economical, as they last much longer than liquid soaps, and are therefore more advantageous even if the initial purchase price is slightly higher. They are also more ecological since they do not use plastic packaging...

 And last but not least, don't forget to dry your soap between uses on a soap dish with holes or with our magic soap dishes for a longer life. A solid soap should not be left in its water as it will melt more quickly.

What about you? Have you ever tried a solid soap? Not yet? Then don't hesitate and try one of our soaps!

Have a nice day!


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