zero waste soap dish

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Aesthetically pleasing and practical, this magic soap dish for solid soaps will allow your soap to dry quickly and completely for a longer conservation. The solid soap levitates vertically.

It can support up to 200 grams vertically and up to 400 grams horizontally. Sold without soap.

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How to use it?

You can put the suction cup on any clean, smooth and polished surface (such as glass, sink, mirror, bathtub). Indispensable in zero waste bathrooms.

As a precautionary measure, we recommend testing the suction cup on the surface to see if it is compatible with the suction cup.


1. Insert the capsule in the center of the soap and lather around it.

2. Allow to dry for 8 hours before first use.

3. Attach the suction cup to a smooth, clean, dry (non-porous) wall.

4. Place the soap on the suction cup.

Tips: To remove the soap from the suction cup on a daily basis, twist (rather than pull) it so that the cap does not come off the soap.

On very dry soap, work gently by wetting the soap first and/or pushing the cap under a stream of water.


The zero waste soap holder is not a toy; do not leave the metal cap and suction cup within reach of small children (Risk of swallowing small parts).

Do not damage the suction cup magnet. Do not use metal tools to handle it (pliers, etc.) to avoid rust.

Keep away from electronic objects. Its magnet is strong.


Clean the suction cup and magnet part with clean water weekly and let them dry to avoid encrustation of residue that could damage the magnet's seal.

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zero waste soap dish


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