Natural cosmetics, 100% handmade in Switzerland.

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Natural cosmetics: healthy and responsible cosmetics 

We all want to feel good about ourselves. Looking in the mirror and liking ourselves increases our sense of security, self-esteem and self-confidence. What is the best way to do this? Today it is becoming easier and easier to take care of your body and beauty thanks to the huge variety of cosmetics on the market. But what is the right product for you? Aware of the many benefits, we at Tinsapono have chosen to produce natural cosmetics, 100% handmade in Switzerland.  

Why choose them? 

Natural cosmetics contain no toxic substances, which leads to a twofold benefit: it is good for your health and it is good for the environment. 

Your health 

Many of the cosmetics we find on the market contain parabens, petrolatum and silicones, substances used for their preservative and antistatic properties. These substances penetrate the skin and, in sensitive individuals, can cause health damage such as allergies and irritation. In contrast, natural cosmetics do not contain toxic substances, thus reducing the risk of contraindications.