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Natural Face Products

Our natural face products, 100% handmade in Switzerland, take care of your skin without parabens, EDTA, GMOs and silicones.

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Natural Face Products

Often, skincare products are advertised as "miraculous". The promise of radiant and smooth skin, no more impurities, imperfections, spots, and wrinkles after just one application grabs attention and awakens the hopes of many. Taking care of the skin and one's own beauty is important, but equally crucial is the choice of products to use. If your skin could speak, what would it say about the products you use? At Tinsapono, we have chosen to create natural products for the face and body. Discover the benefits of natural products for yourself.

Effectiveness without contraindications

The advantages of using natural face products are many. What is applied to the skin is absorbed by the body. Classic face products and cosmetics can contain synthetic and artificial chemicals, as well as pesticide residues, which could, in the long run, cause allergies, irritations, and other damage. Natural products, on the other hand, contain only natural substances without chemical additives, significantly reducing the risks of allergic reactions and inflammations. Natural cosmetics do not contain chemicals and are not tested on animals. Choosing natural face products is an advantageous choice for you, the environment, and animals.

Natural face products: results over time

Many are attracted by the "speed of action" of conventional cosmetics. It's true, these products give the impression of acting quickly, eliminating wrinkles, spots, and blemishes in just a few applications. Unfortunately, sometimes the chemicals in these products can, in the long run, damage the skin, achieving the opposite result to what is desired. The effects of natural face products, even though they take a little more time, are real and without harm to health.

Natural face products

Despite being one of the most sensitive parts of the body, facial skin is also one of the most exposed to cold, heat, and pollution. This is why it requires a lot of care and attention. Natural cosmetics include products for facial cleansing, such as soaps, cleansing lotions, makeup removers, and exfoliants, as well as nourishing masks and moisturizing creams.


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Natural face products: designed for your well-being

At Tinsapono, we have personally experienced the importance and effectiveness of using 100% natural cosmetics. That's why we put all our commitment and care into preparing natural face products. Come and discover all our products and their benefits.